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Current Distribution Model for Show Tickets.

On site.

  • Guest arrives at ticket distribution area
  • Docent tells guest which show and show times are available
  • Guest chooses show and show time
  • Docent gives ticket
  • If guests > 1 docent usually grabs a group of tickets and distributes them, not knowing exactly how many at the time.

Large Groups? (I.e. School groups or guests >15 guests)


Returning tickets method.

On site:

  • Guest enters the show venue; ticket serves as confirmation of attendance and tracking of how many seats are filled. Tickets are recyclable
  • If guest leaves before show time they return the tickets to docents at distribution booth or at venue.


  • Distribution area inside the Academy is not always visible when it is not on the show venue itself
  • First come and first serve basis doesn’t really give guests a choice on show times, except if they go early enough to make that choice
  • No real tracking of tickets distributed, except counting at the end of distribution to be able to tell which show is available or not
  • Show attendance estimate is known by counting remaining tickets at distribution. Real attendance is measured by tickets received at venue entrance. These numbers don’t always match
  • When guests return tickets seats are not readily available since they have closed the distribution for that specific show time, this means that there are seats that are not filled before show time and could be filled.
  • Guest sometimes forget to return ticket to docent, leaving the premises with the ticket and seat cannot be used by another guest at that time