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Aquarium (Bart Shepherd)

Museum guests are presented with a variety of photographs of camouflaged animals and must tap the animal before time runs out. There were 12 unique photographs in this game that would randomly be selected from for each game. The photographs were supplied by the Academy and also found from the Creative-Commons licensed content on

African Hall (Roberta Brett)

For this mini-game, guests get the opportunity to design their own penguin by altering its height, weight, fin length, and color and see how it fares in the South African wild. Penguins can either be eaten by a shark, drown, or survive.

Altered State Exhibit (Aaron Pope)

Recycling garbage is the aim of this game. Guests tap the iPad to move the explorer character to collect the garbage. Tilting the iPad shifts the garbage to allow for easier collection.

Planetarium Exit (Ryan Wyatt)

After watching the Planetarium show, guests are invited to test their knowledge of the constellations by finding them in photographs of the night sky. Each game would give the guest the opportunity to find one of six constellations (Ursa Major, Orion, Teapot of Sagittarius, Scorpius, and Square of Pegasus) after briefly being shown the constellation.

Rainforest Exit (Brenda Melton)

Guests guide the Blue Morphos butterfly across the rainforest in this game. By tilting the iPad, users control the butterfly’s height and must avoid the Arowana fish as well as the Silver Tanager bird. They gain extra points by collecting fruit along the way.