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From Flash -> PNG Sequence

For each Player controlled character the following animations need to be converted from Flash to PNG Sequences

  • Idle
  • Attack
  • Damage
  • Death

For each enemy character the following animations need to be converted:

  • Walk
  • Attack
  • Damage
  • Die
  • Freeze

For enemies or player characters that are ranged you need to render out the projectile to a PNG

To convert these flash animations to PNG you need to do the following:

  1. Find the animation you want to render
  2. If the animation is just the bone system do the following (usually on player characters only):
    1. Find a suitable set of armor/weapons for the animation in question and import it into your library
    2. For each layer of the animation double click on the item on that layer
    3. Select the object -> right-click -> select 'Swap Symbol'
    4. In the resulting dialog box, select the corresponding armor piece from the set you imported in and swap the symbol
    5. If you have more than one animation try importing them all into the same file. The preceding operation usually replaces the armor for all animations
  3. Determine the length of the animation by double clicking on it
  4. Return to the original scene by clicking on 'Scene 1' on the upper left hand corner of the stage
  5. Select the frame that the animation ends on and hit 'F5'
  6. Select the animated object and go to the properties panel on the right hand side of the screen. This is a tab next to the 'Library' tab
  7. Click where it says 'Movie Clip' and select 'Graphic'
  8. Click File->Export->Export Movie ...
  9. Select a location to put the PNG Sequence and select 'PNG Sequence' as the type
  10. Click Export