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How we connect with DAL server


The Dragon Age Legends (DAL) game has it's own game server cluster. There are more than ten related servers, who works together to make sure DAL game works properly. Luckily, EA2D provide a mobile server for mobile version DAL game, which provide some basic interfaces to mobile DAL. It is very easy and safe to connect and communicate with this mobile server instead of directly talk with other game servers. Therefore, our game only talk with this mobile server.

EA2D also provide a server to our game on Amazon AWS. We push our code to this server, called as DVH Web Server in the diagram, so we can play our game as visit a website. Our program use PHP scripts to hide real Mobile Server interface addresses, so the player cannot talk with Mobile Server directly, which is a secure protection for the mobile server.

DVH Web Server will first log user in Facebook when he/she open the webpage. After login, it will connect Mobile Server to require user data about hero character and friends info in DAL.