Common Daydream Issues And Fixes (Unity)

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Common Daydream Issues and Fixes (Unity)

Controller gets flipped while in Play mode in Unity:

Fix: Your controller is probably inside a collider. This causes the controller to behave weirdly. Find the offending collider and remove it / deal with it in a different way. That solves this issue.

Event Trigger script doesn’t seem to be working for the controller’s reticle:

Fix: Look under the main camera. Is there another reticle there? This causes the events to be passed on to this reticle instead of the one under the controller by default. Disable the main camera reticle. If there’s no reticle under the main camera, look for the “GvrPointerPhysicsRaycaster” script. Put it on the Laser GameObject (this might even work if the script is on the main camera - need to check it)

Controller Emulator isn’t working right:

Fix: Look in the EmulatorConfig script (Assets/GoogleVR/Scripts/Controller/Internal/Emulator/EmulatorConfig.cs). Make sure the IP address inside this script is the same as the one on your app. Then check if the emulator is using WiFi to connect to your phone. If both of these are set right, try restarting your phone and making sure both the phone and the system running Unity are on the same network.

Some of my Point Lights are not showing up in the build, but they are in the editor:

Fix: This is a quality issue, change the quality settings to make sure the best quality is the default on the build. If this still doesn’t fix it, increase the number of pixel lights (Pixel Light Count). If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to probably take out some lights. It is Mobile VR, after all.

I have Object Manipulation working, everything works fine in the editor, but in the Daydream, the controller is “sticking” to some UI elements:

Fix: This issue is easily fixed. Look in the warnings showing up on the console, it should say something about the GraphicsRaycaster component being in use which causes problems. This is probably because it’s interfering with the Daydream’s GvrPointerPhysicsRaycaster. Remove the GraphicsRaycaster (or disable it) and it should be fixed. This Graphics Raycaster can be found on the Canvas.

My Scene is super-jittery in the Daydream

Fix: Pixel phone can only take about 75-80K triangles in a single field of view. You should try and keep your scene within that range.

Straight lines appear jagged in my build, but it works fine in the editor

Fix: Use the recommended quality settings and also be sure to set the build to use the 24 bit depth format (Player Settings > Other Settings > Virtual Reality Supported > Daydream > set to 24 bit depth format)

I'm using object manipulation in Daydream Elements and I cannot interact with some objects

Fix: Make sure that the object is within the apt minimum / maximum distances as required. This is set on the MoveablePhysicsObject script on the object and not on the Daydream's ObjectManipulationPointer script.