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Camera Calibration
(Calibration Triangle and Wand are located inside both small and large mocap stage. Please DO NOT take those out of the room.)

Calibration Triangle and wand

Camera Calibration (room calibration or wand calibration) is an integral part of all modern motion capturing systems. The items shown in Figure 15 – Calibration Triangle and Figure 16 - Wand are the tools that are used in order to perform the room calibration. The purpose of the room calibration is to allow the Vision Processor to determine where each camera is located in 3D space (wand) and to show the system where the floor is, what direction is forward, and also a global scale value (triangle). The first time the system is started, all cameras will be located at the origin.

The room calibration process has four main steps and should take only a few minutes.

To get started first:

  • Click on the ‘Cameras’ tab in the display area.
  • Click on the ‘Stage Setup’ tab in the control area.
  • Click on the ‘Calibration Wizard…‘.
calibration wizard

Step 1 – Lighting Settings:
First you will choose a lighting setting which makes the cameras practically black but the wand will show up as a white dot. The default values should be fine. When the ‘Next’ button is pressed the system captures a background image. It is important that when you click ‘next’, the wand or any moving/changing light is not visible by any camera. If it is, then calibration may not work correctly.


Step 2 – Acquire Wand Points:
you will see at bottom image – Acquire Wand Points. This is where you will move the wand in the calibration space and the system can calibrate positions of the cameras.