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This is an old page for the CAVE that contains outdated information. For the newest information about the CAVE room at the ETC, go to CAVE Room.

CAVE is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed to three of the walls of a room-sized cube. In the CAVE environment, we also introduce the Motion Floor to simulate movements on bouncing terrain.

What is CAVE?

See what is CAVE on Wikipedia.

How to Reserve the CAVE for Use For BVW

Because only one team is able to use the CAVE at a time, and because time each round is limited, there are reservation procedures that need to be followed.

  • Check the CAVE availability, found here
    • Please Note: The CAVE is not available for use on Saturdays, an has limited hours on Sundays.
  • To request a time-slot in the CAVE, please contact either of your CAVE TA's: Trisha Surve or Axel Arth
    • Because time is limited in the CAVE, please only reserve blocks of up to two consecutive hours. This will allow multiple teams access to the CAVE on a daily basis.
    • Requests for time in the CAVE must be made by 5:00 PM the day before. Requests made after 5:00 PM, or same day requests, will not be considered.

Getting into the CAVE for Use for BVW

To ensure that nothing in the CAVE is damaged, the door is kept locked. The only student key is kept with CAVE TA Axel Arth.

  • Be at the CAVE entrance on the 2nd floor when your reserved time begins. A TA will check you into the CAVE.
    • If you are five minutes or more late to your reserved time, you will forfeit that reserved hour.
  • When your assigned time in the CAVE has finished, a TA will come and check you out of the CAVE
    • If anything has gone wrong during your time, please let a TA know, and we'll begin to fix it as soon as we are able.
    • If you are not in the CAVE when a TA come to check you out, you will be banned from the CAVE for the next 24 hours of operation.
    • Leaving the cave unattended, or leaving the door unlocked, is not acceptable. If a team is caught doing either, you will be banned from the CAVE for the next 24 hours of operation.
      • Consider using a buddy system while working in the CAVE. It will also prevent miscommunication that may come from only one person working away from the rest of the team.
    • If a different team is in the CAVE than who has reserved the time, both teams are banned from the CAVE for the remainder of the round.

Use of CAVE Wrapper

The wrapper file includes two individual unity packages for both CAVE projectors setting and Motion Floor controller.
Go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package to import them.

  • caveSetupPackage
There are two demo scenes to show the different use/setting of CAVE.
Use the CameraNode-BOX.prefab to replace the MainCamera in your 3D scene.
Or you can use CameraNode-PLANE to create a 2D platform game. (Check the plane settings in planeSetup scene.)
  • MotionFloor
Use FloorController.js to control the Motion Floor.

Build Settings

Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player, under Resolution section

  1. Check Default Is Full Screen.
  2. Set Default Screen Width as 3840 and Default Screen Height as 2048.

DMX Lighting in CAVE

PS Move in CAVE

Motion Floor in CAVE

Kinect 2 in CAVE

Integration Packages

CAVE wrapper for Unity

Improve Performance on Art side

Surround Sound