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General Protocol

Content on the Bridge must follow certain protocols.

1. Create a unique project name, this name will be used for many of the files and windows so that the bridge mainframe can identify the content. Check with a Bridge Administrator to verify that your project name is unique. The name is case sensitive.

2. Build a folder structure for your project where the root folder name is the project name - case sensitive.

3. In this root folder place the executable file that must also be named as the project name - case sensitive. If the platform is Panda3d or a multiple machine Unity then the executable should be a .bat file. If the platform is single station Unity, Flash, or GameMaker then the executable should be an .exe file.

4. The content window must also be named with the project name - case sensitive. It is through the window name that the Bridge Mainframe tracks to see if the content is running.

So if the project name is NewsToday and it is a Panda3D piece of content then create a folder named NewsToday and inside that folder place a NewsToday.bat file that runs the content. Making sure that the contents window name has also been changed to NewsToday in code. Beyond that the folder structure inside of the root can be what ever it needs to be.

Also, the content must have the following things:

1. A title screen that displays while the content is loading and positioning itself.

2. A clear exit button that allows the content to be stopped at any time.

3. An idle timer that shuts the content down if it has not been used for set amount of time.

The project folder must then be placed in the proper stations bridge sync folder:


Game Content that goes onto Stations 1 and/or 6 needs menu screens as well so that the game can be loaded into the game menu. Example files can be found in the folder: \\randon1\etc\projects\internal\spacebridge\ExampleBridgeContent\GameMenuScreens. Located here are three files.

1. Change the word NAME in the file name to the project name - case is important.

2. Edit the file as you want but do not change the file size nor the extension.

3. GameHeader_NAME.tif is displayed in the menu in the upper right corner. A small narrow space, it is meant only to be an attractive name plate for the game.

4. GameInstructions_NAME.tif will be displayed in the large menu window on the right side all the while the game is actively being played. This is meant to be a simple instructions space to help the player play the game.

5. GameTitle_NAME.tif is displayed in the large menu window on the left side. Not only is this a title space for the game but it should also entice players into wanting to choose this game to play.

These three files then need to be placed in the proper stations bridge sync folder:


No exceptions will be made to this protocol.