Battle UI

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Battle Grid

The battle grid is not actually visible, however it is important to where players and enemies are.

Top left corner - x,y = 140, 196. The lane height is 84.

Left Bar

This is where the characters and friends/heroes are dragged from onto the battlefield. In the future, the window will pop out from the left.

Image x,y = 0, 15 h,w = 158, 578

Bottom Bar

This is where the bomb list is, as well as money and the mine in the future.

Image x,y = 0, 638 h,w = 1026, 131
Money image x,y = 908, 677
Money text x,y = 958, 681

Bomb Locations:
336, 690
417, 690
497, 690
578, 690
658, 690

Pause Menu

The pause menu is a pop up window that appears when the player touches the pause button in-game. The player can choose to resume game or quit to map, or enable/disable sound and music. Currently, the sound buttons are non-functional.

The pause button is at x,y = 966, 8

Pause Menu Image Locations