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The objective of the game is to prevent any enemy units from crossing the defensive line. The player uses a combination of Mercenaries, Heroes and Bombs to fend of enemies on the battle field.


The Battlefield contains 5 Lanes. Each lane will have a stream of Darkspawn trying to surge through the players defensive line. The player must strategically place his resources on these lanes to prevent the enemy from crossing this line.

Scoping for the future we would want a longer battle ground. This would mean that once an enemy crosses the first defensive line, the camera moves backwards to a new area to the left. This would look like a scrolling background.


Currently the player can choose from 3 Mercernaries to bring into the battle. These include the Warrior, the Mage and the Archer. The stats for these units is mentioned in the Google Docs titled, E2D_GameData. The type of attack these units do and their use is varied and will help players devise different stratergies to complete a battle.

In the future we would like to double the number of mercenaries avialable to the player. This would also need an additional feature of selecting the Mercenaries, say 3 out of 6, in the Metagame itself.


The player will have access to the consumables they set in preparing for the battle. This was set in the Consumable Selection screen. As a player uses a consumable in our game, the item is deducted in their inventory for DA:L. The consumables have varied effects on the user players and the enemies. The list of consumables and their effects are mentioned in the Google Docs titled, E2D_GameData. Currently all consumables from DA:L are not implemented in our game. Also feedback systems for the various consumables are not implemented and need work for the player to understand their effect.

Resupply feature was added to help the player in replenishing their bomb carts and then use them in the game. The resupply would cost the user crowns, the virtual currency from DA:L.

A future feature add would be to provide the player with upgrading both the number of bomb carts and the number of bombs each cart can carry. Currently the user can have 3 carts carrying 2 bombs each.

Dragon Age: Legend(DAL) Heroes

The player can also take assistance from his friends in Facebook who have DA:L accounts. These heroes have global effects that effects all units on screen. These is really powerful feature given to the player to fight a battle and a player really can turn the tide of battle using them. The Heroes are chosen at the beginning of each battle in the Hero Selection Screen. The Hero power in battle is related to the class of the hero friend chosen. Corresponding to class and level one of three powers is unleashed on the battle field. Currently we have 4 powers implemented. The stats for these powers are mentioned in Google Docs, titled E2D_GameData.

We would like to see the addition of 3 more powers and have logic to set a power in our game depending on the skill tree progression for the character in DA:L.

UI Design

The aim with our UI is to be easy to understand and accessible. So the player understand the 3 sets of resources he can use and use them without too much trouble.

We would like to add more feedback in the usage of the UI, so player knows when something is used and when it is not.

Pause Menu

A Pause menu is provided within the game so that the player can exit the battle and change the level to another. Options like mute are also available.

Gold Generation

Gold is used by the players to hire Mercenaries to fight the Darkspawn. Currently the gold is dropped by the enemies on dying and can be picked up by the player. This gold is then used to hire more units to fight.

In th future we want to create a system where there is constant stream of gold that is being produced. Some ideas involve an alchemy cart that produces some amount of gold. Have tiles in the game which need to be farmed and protected to produce a stream of gold.