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Traditional Pipeline

The traditional animation pipeline is a challenging route for ETC students to master, but essential to creating a smooth process.

Below are examples of strategies from previous teams that have tackled the pipeline.

Team FITYMI Pipeline


A problem we had with our pipeline that we didn't quite realize until the end was that we worked on our shotlist in linear order. Because of our limited timeframe, this meant that more time was spent on the opening scenes than on the climax. We wanted our "money shot" to be the most important and stunning, but our strategy meant it came out undercooked.

From a production perspective, we learned to work on scenes out of order. This is a common practice in live-action film, and it applies to animation as well. That doesn't mean to take on the most important shot first— the first shot should let you get your feet wet— but your "money shot" should be early on rather than towards the end.