Android build setup

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Android Project Setup

Android setup is much easier than iOS. Some of the descriptions come from Unity Documentation.

  1. Download Android SDK.
  2. Install SDK, you need to install API levels that fit your target/test device.
  3. Activate Unity with android license.
  4. In Unity, go to Edit -> Preferences -> External Tools -> Android SDK Location, input your SDK location.
  5. In Unity, go to File -> Build Settings..., select Android in the Platform panel, and then click Switch Platform button.
  6. Still in Build Settings... window, click Player Settings, in Other Settings -> Identification -> Bundle Identifier input identifiers for your app (eg. com.ETC.MyGame), in Minimum API level select the level according your device.

Build and Install Your Android App

  1. On your Android device, turn on the USB debugging in Developer Options. Connect your Android device to PC.
  2. In Unity, go to File -> Build Settings..., click Build, Unity will build an apk file. Copy the built apk file to your Android device and install it on your Android device. Or you can click Build and Run to install the apk file to your Android device directly.