Altered State Networked Game

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What is it

A Game to raise awareness about sustainability at a personal and community level.


  • Learn how an individual choices influences a community.
  • Two networked stations placed in different parts of the Altered State Exhibit.
  • Simple interactions in order to minimize learning curve.

The Stations

Personal Station


This station tries to answer the question "How sustainable I am"

Game Design

  • Sustainability and Lifestyle
    • At Home
    • On the Menu
    • Transportation
  • The variables in the game are : Energy, Fossil Fules and Water Consumption
  • All gameplay data is sent to the Community game

Community Station

Answers two questions:

  1. What would happen in my community if there were more people like me?
  2. What does it takes to build and maintain a sustainable community?

Game Design

  • Data shown on this station represents the aggregate data of the personal station.
  • Burrows heavily from resource management simulations.
  • The player(s) must try to achieve a certain level of sustainability while meeting demand.


  • Hardware
    • Tangible/Fiducials interaction using freely available kits.
      • Options are reactivision and trackmate
    • Multi-touch interactions
  • Software
    • Adobe Flash
    • Open Source framework for tangible/multi-touch interactions

Planned Deliverable

  • Prototype
  • Documentation
    • Prototype assembly instructions
      • How-to
      • Wiki
    • Software Used
      • All open source
    • Game Source Code
      • Code documentation
    • Instructions
      • How to build a robust installation
      • Expanding the installation