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Venue Achievement Type (Feedback)
Entrance kiosk and/or during ticketing 1. Creating a Virtual Character at a Station or Online at Home
2. Returning Visitor: guest logs into the system to reserve for shows
1. On site
2. Online/Onsite
Planetarium 1. Visit the planetarium: Docent station confirms show time.
2. Completed the Journey: Docent at the door of the planetarium confirms seat availability.
1. Online
2. Online/Onsite
Rainforest 1. Start of the Rainforest Journey: Docent confirms that guest enters the rainforest.
2. The Flooded Rainforest Experience: Guest interacts with the interactive exhibits, such as: Eel electric shock, anaconda arm squeeze and dive station.
3. Returning Home: Docent confirms that the guest has left the Rainforest. It registers the number of attendees.
4. No crown made of butterflies: Bonus achievement, docent adds achievement if in the search there are no butterflies on guest.
1. Online
2. Online
3. Online
4. Online
Africa Hall 1. Start the journey to Africa: Guest interacts with touch screen videos (travel themed) on the hall.<br\>2.Diving with the Penguins : Watch the penguin show. 1.On site/Online <br\>2.Online
Altered State

1. Achieve sustainable future : Guest engages in the different interactions at the arena for engagement******
2. Make a pledge: Guest makes public pledge to change.
3. Know your menu: Guest interacts in carbon café.
4. Measured impact: Guest interacts in Carbon footprint contraption.
5. Part of the solution: Guest posted on the “share your idea” booth.

1. Online
2. Online/On site
3. Online
4. Online
5. On site/Online


1. How, what, when? : Guest interacts with the extinct species. ******

1. Online

Hotter, Drier

1. Water the land: Guest interacts with content.******

1. Online/On site


1. Saved the Cub : Guest plays the arctic interactive game.

1. Onsite/ Online

Oceans are changing

1. Met the Blue Whale: Guest counts the bones on the whale.
2. Test the waters: Guest interacts with Oceans content. ******

1. Online
2. Online


1. Bringer of life (guest plays the “from lava to life game”)

1. On site/ Online


1. Bug catcher (guest plays the “collecting insect” games)

1. On site/Online

Science in Action

1. Take action (interact with content) || 1. On site/Online

Evolving Story

1. Track the evolution (explore content)

1. Online/ On site

Young explorers

1. Become an explorer: Optional achievement for kids for making different activities in the young explorer’s section. ******

1. On site / Online


1. Collect them all: Interact with the collection of specimens to learn more about them. ******

1. Online/ On site

Hearst Forum

1. On with the show: Confirm show time and/or reserve for show.
2. Watched the show: Confirm seat availability, confirm attendance.

1. On site
2. Online

Living Roof

1. Found the roof: Guest’s first time on living roof.

1. Online